Solip's Hybrimer Products

SOLIP Hybrimer (Sol-Gel Siloxene Hybrid Materials) products are the most advanced polymer coating materials available. SOLIP, created from the Sol-Gel Innovation Project Study in developing Siloxene Hybrid Materials, was founded in 2012 by Professor Byeong-Soo Bae of the KAIST school's Department of Materials Science and Engineering in South Korea.

SOLIP’s technology also offers Thermal Resistance up to 3500c. Allowing the products to be used on opto-electronic devices and products that require high temperature environments. SOLIP’s hybrimers also allow for 100% Moisture Resistance, giving products the ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. The High Refracture Index of >1.56 and Thermal Stability give the products High Optical Transmittance as well as Low Gas Permeability.

This feature set creates a wide production application environment, giving consumer goods extra protection and extending the life of products that may be exposed to harsh conditions, require flexible, scratch-resistant applications or provide alternatives to glass. From electronics to optics to wearables, SOLIP’s Hybrid Materials enhance products and provide new features that create value and superiority over competing brands. SOLIP’s technology spawns endless advancements for your future product designs.